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Revolutionising football education through our digital platform. For coaches, players and parents. Beginner to elite. All ages, all abilities.

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Unlock Your Full Potential

Training Specific was crafted to elevate the football learning journey; catering to coaches, players, and parents alike. Our books and webinars are available instantly online with NO SUBSCRIPTION featuring hours of original content, sessions, exercises and drills.

Detailed explanations of collective session design for groups, individual development, positional identity breakdown, 1v1 isolation and much more.

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Become the best version of yourself

Purchased in 47 Countires

Webinar series held three launch days and SOLD OUT worldwide on each.

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Accessible instantly anywhere in the world.

Who For

Coaches, parents and players wanting to become the best version of themselves.

All Ages

In depth content covers all ages from U6 to first team.

Our Webinars

For Coaches, Players and Parents from Beginner to Elite. All ages, All Abilities.

2 hours 11 mins

  • Breaking down how coaches can work to enhance the individual (before, during, after sessions)
  • The importance of working on strengths & how to do this (players, parents and coaches)
  • & much more…

43 mins

  • The evolution in the modern game and how it impacts the collective style
  • Why 70% possession and how it looks, feels and moves
  • & much more…

1 hour 7 mins

  • The influence of Roberto Martinez on creating the 1v1 player
  • Isolating all 1v1 scenarios and why training should replicate 360 degree playing (defender in front, on the side, behind, on the angle and without the ball)
  • & much more…

What They Say

‘The smallest of details make the biggest difference. Training Specific puts the game under the microscope and breaks it down so simply for coaches and players to follow. Identity specific, player specific and constantly evolving.’

Logan Panchot
USA U19 International Player

‘This changed the way me, my staff and players work. The detail really is another level to anything I have seen.’

Matthew Mueller
St Louis Academy Manager

‘You don’t know what you don’t know and despite going through the English academy system from u9-u16, it changed the whole way I see the game at 18.’

Bobby Turner