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'have a strength that gets you in the teAm


make sure your weaknesses do not get you out of it'

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Movement Scoring
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Technical Exercises
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Holistic solutions for all players from leading industry experts

Ages 11+: Any ability: Tailored for all players grassroots

to professional






what are the benefits?

Generic sessions produce generic players; specificity is the key to progressing from an individual point of view. To become an elite player, you must become an expert in an area of your game. Players can only perform in games what they have practised thousands of times previously. Are you working everyday in a general way or is it specific to you? It is not enough to be a central midfielder and work on your passing. How well do you know yourself? Do you have specific physical muscular imbalances? Do you have physical weaknesses that are holding you back? Do you have a strength and conditioning programme that is specific to not only your age but your body also? Do you know what exercises to be working on everyday to become better in your position? Do you know what you should be looking for in games?

All of the staff involved in developing the TRAINING SPECIFIC PROGRAMME are not just the most qualified, but amongst the very best in the game. All plans are created FOR each player; they are not generic cookie cutter copy and paste plans. When you buy our programme this is what the process looks like:

- You answer a detailed form with lots of questions around your game

- You film yourself from your phone performing FIVE functional movement tests which take 3 seconds each

- You submit the videos to us from your phone

- Your videos are analysed by our Performance Staff

- An Individualised Training Programme is created for you after inter-departmental consultation; sent out within 72 hours

- Consultation, advice and questions are available after you have received your programme

- You go out, execute your plan and see the difference it makes to your game

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Do we need the book as well as the programme?

No, though the two products are independent with a strong overlap The book contains general and detailed information for parents, coaches and players, whilst individual programmes are the finalised outcome of a particular process.

What are the benefits of the programme?

The Elite Player Performance Plan (EPPP) has been in place now since 2012 at all professional clubs in England. As a result, coaches have to plan long term development for each individual player from nine years of age. Simply providing a player with one element to work on every six weeks is nowhere near enough to allow him/her to reach his optimum potential. Players need to know themselves individually and have a plan for all areas of their game. At Training Specific, our Strength and Conditioning staff break down each player's profile in microscopic detail, and they do this without being there in person. Players submit specific videos which take seconds to film. From these videos, we highlight strengths, weaknesses and provide both a physical and technical plan to improve. Individuals make their debuts, not teams.  Just hoping that success will come through chance is not giving yourself the best opportunity to succeed. The book and programmes at Training Specific teach players how to manage themselves in microscopic detail.

How can you give a detailed physical profile of my child without seeing him in person?

We are not physiotherapists who need a hands on approach to correct problems. The tests we would run in person are exactly the same as we run remotely. There are five tests that each player must perform and these give us extremely specific and detailed feedback. These functional movement tests display everything that we need to see and include:

- reference to muscular imbalances i.e. left leg stabilises more in a lunge than on the right side

- sprinting technique and all phases (acceleration, deceleration, change of direction)

- movement mechanics and trunk stability control

From these tests, our Strength and Conditioning department analyse each movement and construct a specific physical movement programme unique to the athlete

How do we film and submit the videos?

The videos are filmed simply using any mobile phone and take no more than two minutes to film and upload.

How can you know my child as a player from watching a short video?

The best players in the world still continue to work every day on specifics for them.   Cristiano Ronaldo at Madrid frequently works on finishing exercises from certain areas of the box to improve his individual efficiency, Phillipe Coutinho watches videos of Ronaldinho to improve the way he shifts his body in 1v1 situations and Andres Iniesta works on his efficiency in sliding people in behind in the final third. Top players want to improve their individual efficiency in whatever it is they are asked to excel in; elite centre backs want clean sheets, creative midfielders want higher assists, efficient defensive midfielders want a higher pass completion into higher lines and world class strikers want higher conversion percentages; the best ones are all obsessed with being better on a daily basis. Thus, rather than a winger working on lots of requirements (defending 1v1, heading, dribbling, shooting, crossing, passing etc) and expecting a vast improvement come 3pm on a Saturday, we are better teaching them the 20% of the techniques that they will need in the game. We can expect 80% better results by doing this but in order to achieve maximum development, the player/coach must delve into another, deeper layer.

How does the programme not contradict what his coach is telling him?

The programme is not based on the collective. The plans are designed to enhance what the player is doing. They give players specific areas to develop away from the session including:

- physical programme at home

- physical warm ups and key areas to focus on specific to the player

- arrival exercises before training

- exercises after training

- home exercises

- what and who to be watching in games on TV 

- what to judge yourself on when analysing your own game

- working towards building a specific identity

- how to improve individual actions (movement, create space, angles, decisions)

How long do the programmes take to arrive?

Please allow for 72 hours after submitting information. The process takes time to put together for each player. You will receive your programme by email upon completion.

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